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Test No :44

Q1. Among the following what was the original intention of the East India Company?
Q2. Who among the following is attributed with the revival of "Vedas"?
Q3. "India has to unite and conquer the whole world once again with its might". Whose quote is this?
Q4. During the 1857 revolt, who was the governor general?
Q5. Who introduced the "Doctrine of Lapse"?
Q6. Which of the following statement is correct with regard to the 1857 revolt?
Q7. Which factor was least responsible for the failure of the 1857 sepoy mutiny?
Q8. Pick the best statement that explains the 1857 revolt?
Q9. Among the following who was not an important leader of the 1857 mutiny?
Q10. At which of these places the 1857 revolt did not take place?
Q11. Point out the correct reason for the failure of the 1857 mutiny.
Q12. Among the following who did not participate in the 1857 revolt?
Q13. Assertion: The 1857 mutiny was suppressed by the British. Reason:Except for people like Rani Jhansi and Tantya Tope, few feudal lords participated in the mutiny.
Q14. For what reason the princely state of Avadh was annexed by the British?
Q15. British annexed many regions by different methods. State of Jhansi was annexed through which of these methods?
Q16. To whom the following statement can be attributed: "he came as a clerk in the East India Co., for trade, stayed and overcame the French, subdued the Indian Princess and established British rule in India. Thus he can be described as a saviour"
Q17. Which of these battles brought an end to the French Challenge to the British Supremacy.......
Q18. The French could not establish power in the Deccan and most part of South, because......
Q19. During whose reign the Marathas had the maximum expansion?
Q20. Who among the following laid the foundation for the Portuguese power in India?
Q21. When from the Constitution came into force?
Q22. What was the original content of the Constitution of India?
Q23. When from the Constitution was adopted?
Q24. Who prepared the "Preamble" for the Constitution?
Q25. Of the following, who was NOT in the Constitution Drafting Committee?
Q26. On the death of Dr.Sachidananda Sinha, who led the constituent assembly?
Q27. Who led the Constitution Drafting Committee?
Q28. Who headed the Constituent Assembly?
Q29. When did the Constituent Assembly meet for the first time?
Q30. The Constituent Assembly was set up under which resolution of the British?
Q31. Who was the Chief Guest of the First Republic Day Celebrations on 26th January 1950?
Q32. National Calendar starts on which date of the Gregorian Calendar?
Q33. What is the difference in the number of years between Saka Era years and Indian National Calendar years?
Q34. Closing ceremony of the Republic Day Celebrations is called.
Q35. Indian National Calendar is based on the Saka Era. When from the National Calendar was adopted?
Q36. From which year, dignitaries of foreign countries are invited to be the chief guest of the Republic Day Celebrations?
Q37. Who was the first Chief Guest of the Republic Day Celebrations when the regular practice was commenced?
Q38. Who was the King of England when India attained independence?
Q39. Preceding the independence, Jawaharlal Nehru made an important speech. What is it called?
Q40. Prime Minister hoists the National Flag and addresses the Nation on and from
Q41. "Letter of Credit" means ...........
Q42. "Depreciation" is ...............
Q43. Inflation , in theory, occurs when the ..........
Q44. Asian Development Bank has opened its Residential Office in ......
Q45. "Planned economy for India" (1934) was the work of ......
Q46. In a class of 125 students, 20% of the students can dance. 2/5 of the total number of students in the class can sing and 2/5 of the remaining number of students in the class are good at sports. What is the ratio of the number of students who can dance to the number of students who are good at sports?
Q47. Pramila invested an amount of Rs.35000 for two years at the rate of 5% per annum. What amount of compound interest would she receive at the end of two years?
Q48. The area of a square is twice the area of a rectangle. If the area of the square is 324 and the length of the rectangle is 13.5 cm., what is the difference between the breadth of the rectangle and the side of the square?
Q49. A train travels for 3 hours, the first hour at 10 km/hour and the remaining 2 hours at 25 km/hour. What is the average speed?
Q50. Raju purchases 550 ml of milk every day. If cost of one litre of milk is Rs.44, how much amount will he pay in 45 days?
Q51. Presence of extra nucleotide in gene results in .....................
Q52. Genetically identical organisms that descend from a common ancestor are called.................
Q53. The technique employed to get rid of the microbes in the culture medium and plant tissue is known as ................
Q54. In genetic engineering the host bacterium multiplies by following the instructions of .................
Q55. Plant cell of potato and tomato were brought together through..............
Q56. Chymotrypsinogen and trypsinogen are activated by the enzyme.......
Q57. The central living part of a tooth is known as ..........
Q58. The lungs are covered by a double layered membrane known as.................
Q59. In which of the following disease involves sudden death of part of the heart muscle.
Q60. Loss of blood supply to brain is called ....................
Q61. All the Adreno corticoid hormones are .............
Q62. What are Urinary stones (calculi)?
Q63. Kidney stones which do not cause any symptoms/complications need not be treated.
Q64. Who among the following discovered the "technique of pure culture"?
Q65. The ability of microorganisms to cause the disease is known as .................
Q66. NOT an antigen presenting cells?
Q67. Humoral immunity consists of ...................
Q68. Who discovered the double helix DNA model?
Q69. Eukaryotic cell undergoes transcription to synthesize ...............
Q70. The diseases caused by single gene mutation could be cured by ..............
Q71. Glass does not allow which rays to pass through
Q72. Gobar gas plant is based on
Q73. Geothermal energy is feasible in regions that
Q74. Geoger and Marsdon performed an experiment on the scattering of a-particle from a ..............
Q75. Gamma rays can be stopped only by lead of thickness .................
Q76. Gamma rays are ....... charged particles.
Q77. Galvanometer is used for detecting the
Q78. Fusion point and occur at the same temperature.
Q79. Fossil fuel are formed in ......... years.
Q80. For which spherical mirror polish is done on the inner surface?
Q81. Formula question
Q82. For which mirror, the focal length is 30cm.
Q83. For which mirror the image is virtual. erect and small size, whatever the position of the object?
Q84. For which colour refractive index of glass is maximum?
Q85. For which colour the critical angle is minimum when light passes from glass to water?
Q86. For which atoms Bohrs postulates are applicable?
Q87. For the nuclear reaction to be a controlled chain reaction, the value of reproduction factor is .............
Q88. For radar communication ......... waves are used.
Q89. For equilibrium, a system must possess .............. Potential energy.
Q90. For an uncontrolled chain reaction, the reproduction factors is ..............
Q91. Who is considered as the father of modern oceanography?
Q92. Marble belongs to ....form of rock.
Q93. The data collected from the Census are known as....
Q94. "Spatial Data" are collected on the basis of .....
Q95. Which space mission recorded the fastest speed ever?
Q96. Which country was the first to launch the first ever space flight?
Q97. Which was the longest human single space flight?
Q98. Eugene Cernan & Harrison Schmitt of Apollo were the last astronauts to land on the moon and also to stay the longest periods in the lunar surface. For how many hours?
Q99. The longest space walk lasted for ........
Q100. Upto what distance in the sky, it is considered as the Earth's atmostphere, beyond which it is outer space?
Q101. What did the writer Rudyar Kipling describe as ' a river of life as nowhere else exists in the world "?
Q102. In which Shakespearean play would you come across the characters Petruchio and Katherine?
Q103. "Conraua Goliath" is the largest species of which animal?
Q104. In Hindu mythology which sage gave up his life so that the Devas could use his bones to make a weapon for Lord Indra?
Q105. What was unique about the constitution of the 88th battalion of the CRPF?
Q106. What is the name of the vessel which, once completed, will become India's first indigenously designed and built nuclear submarine?
Q107. In the Reserve Bank Emblem, what is the animal and tree are found?
Q108. In the Indian National emblem depicting the Saranath Lions, which two animals are depicted in front, below the three visible lions?
Q109. In terms of Insignia, which is the only 4 star Indian Police Service rank in the country?
Q110. The black variety of which spice did mediaeval Europeans refer to as Black Gold?
Q111. To which South African ethnic group does former President Nelson Mandela belong?
Q112. What does the 13 stripes on the American Flag indicate?
Q113. Which part of the human body features on the flag of Isle of Man?
Q114. Which island in the southeast pacific is famous for large statues called " moai "?
Q115. In astronomy, the name of which zodiacal constellation comes from the Latin word for "balance"?
Q116. What is prepared by steeping the leaves and leaf buds of "Camellia Sinensis" in boiling water?
Q117. Scarlet, Crimson and Vermillion are shades of which colour?
Q118. Who founded the city of Singapore?
Q119. Guy Fawkes was executed for his role in planning the "Gun Powder Plot" against which English King?
Q120. Who invented the powered Vacuum cleaner?
Q121. What is the capital of Madagascar?
Q122. What is the pirate flag with the skull and bones called?
Q123. Who wrote "Vande Mataram"?
Q124. Which state of the USA was once a part of Russia?
Q125. Which of these does not form part of the "Chinese Five Spice" powder?
Q126. What is the name of the US Navy's aerial stunt team?
Q127. Which country was the first to form a Navy Aerial Stunt Team?
Q128. What does ' Dublin " the Ireland capital mean?
Q129. Which explorer was killed at Kealakekua Bay in Hawai'i?
Q130. In 1457, golf was banned in Scotland as it distracted men from ............
Q131. What does a ' tantalus ' contain?
Q132. What is the world's heaviest bird of prey?
Q133. Ajantha Caves consist of ...... rock cut cave monuments
Q134. What was the Mughal Empress Nur Jahan's father's name?
Q135. Examine the following STATEMENTS: (1) George attends Music classes on Monday. (2) He attends Mathematics classes on Wednesday. (3) His Literature classes are not on Friday. (4) He attends History classes on the day following the day of his Mathematics classes. (5) On Tuesday, he attends his Sports classes. If he attends just one subject in a day and his Sunday is free, then he is also free on ......
Q136. Study the following arrangement of alphabets and answer the question given: D U B C A B E D C A B U D C B A E D B C A D E B A U C D A E B . If all the Bs are dropped from the above arrangement, which of the following will be twelfth from the left end of the above arrangement?
Q137. Examine the following statements regarding a set of balls: (1) All balls are black. (2) All balls are white. (3) Only some balls are black. (4) No balls are black. Assuming that the balls can only be black or white, which two of the statements given above can both be true, but cannot both be false? Choose the correct answer from the codes given below:
Q138. In the series .. POQ, SRT, VUW ...... the blank space refers to
Q139. How many such pairs of letters are there in the word MARGINS, each of which has as many letters between them in the word (in both forward and backward directions) as they have between them in the English alphabetical series?
Q140. Give a funny answer for this question: "e;Why do Leopards never escape from zoo?"e;
Q141. Find the grammatical mistake: "e;you must (1) listen (2) what I (3) say (4)
Q142. Choose the word which is most nearly the OPPOSITE in meaning as the word given in bold: UNEXPECTED
Q143. The theatre was destroyed
Q144. Choose the word which is most nearly the SAME in meaning as the word given in bold: PROTESTED
Q145. There were two men, one of ........was riding on a mule
Q146. Rammohan is a man .........principles
Q147. Choose the word which is most nearly the SAME in meaning as the word given in bold: LURE
Q148. Satnam Singh, an Indian Origin Sikh youth, became the first Indian to be part of the National Team of an American National Sports Federation. Which Sports?
Q149. On which date in 2015, the International Yoga Day was observed?
Q150. In June 2015, which state of United States of America was affected by the cyclone "Bill"?
Q151. A group of attribute/field in a database is known as a ...
Q152. To ensure readability of a flow chart, it should be drawn... 1.from right to left 2.from left to right 3.from center 4.from top to bottom. Of these four statements, how many are correct?
Q153. .......function removes the trailing blank space from a specifi string expression.
Q154. In a second generation ..........language were introduced after binary language
Q155. Expand CRC
Q156. The Rollback segment entries are used .....
Q157. Expand POST
Q158. Website is a collection of ...
Q159. If each node in a tree has value greater than every value in its left subtree and has value less than every value in its right subtree, the tree is known as ...
Q160. The browser is a



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