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Test No :47

Q1. Who was the ruler of India when the East India Company was set up?
Q2. In which mughal ruler's court European paintings was introduced?
Q3. Which of the following did not feature in the elegant architecture of the Lodhis?
Q4. During the Tughlaq's period, the Sultanate architecture underwent a change. Which of the following did not contribute to the change?
Q5. Put the following events in the ascending chronological order..... a) I Battle of Panipat b) II Battle of Tarain c)Capital shifted to Deogiri from Delhi d)Invasion of Ahmad Shah Abdali
Q6. Balban introduced total prohibition (drinking) because.......
Q7. Which of the following muslim ruler introduced the 'standing army'?
Q8. Iltumish followed neutrality when Mangabarni approached him for help against the Mongols because.....
Q9. Which of the following 'Sultans' made a successful attempt to free himself from the control of the 'ulemas'?
Q10. Which of the following proved to be a check on the absolute powers of the Sultans of Delhi?
Q11. The powers that concentrated for supremacy with the Rashtrakutas in North India were the........
Q12. With which kingdom, the Hoysala kingdom finally got merged?
Q13. Who was the famous court poet of Akbar?
Q14. Which of the following attribute the greatness of Sher Shah?
Q15. Akbar followed the path of conciliation towards the Rajputs in order to.....
Q16. Which one of the following is the finest example of Mughal architecture in marble?
Q17. In the III Battle of Panipat, who defeated the Marathas?
Q18. Among the following statements which one of them is nearly true to the attitude of Aurangazeb?
Q19. Among the following statements which one exemplifies the greatness of Shivaji?
Q20. Among the following who set up a separate department for the maintenance of slaves?
Q21. The "Dharma Chakra" in the centre of the National Flag is taken from
Q22. National Flag in its present form, was adopted on.
Q23. What is the ISI (now BIS) code for the National Flag?
Q24. Pingali Venkayya, the person who proposed the tri-colour flag, was a
Q25. Who proposed a tricolour flag (similar to the present one) with a Chakra (spinning wheel) at the Centre and was adopted on 2.4.1931 as the flag of the Indian National Congress?
Q26. The first Chief Justice of independent India was..
Q27. Who was the first to propose a flag for India?
Q28. As of 2011, the Constitution of India has Articles
Q29. In its original first version, the Constitution of India had..Articles.
Q30. "Man is a political animal" - whose quote is this?
Q31. The first Vice President of India was.
Q32. Prime Minister of India is appointed by..
Q33. The emergency may be in force for a continuous period of
Q34. The recruitment to the Supreme Court and High Courts are taken care of.
Q35. The neighbouring country which is under the protection of our country (India) is
Q36. Number of spokes in the wheel of our National Flag is
Q37. Rajya Sabha can retain a money bill for a maximum period of .
Q38. When the President's rule is imposed in a state and to continue it further, it should be extended every
Q39. Financial Emergency can be imposed under Article . Of the constitution.
Q40. State emergency is imposed under Article..
Q41. Service Tax was first introduced from..............
Q42. The Headquarter of 'Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific' is at .................
Q43. RBI is headquartered at .....
Q44. not a reason for cost push inflation.
Q45. World Bank has recently agreed to extend a loan of $500 million to India for.............
Q46. A horse is tied to a post by a rope. If it moves along a circular path, keeping the rope tight and describes 132m when it has traced out an angle of 108 degree at the centre, then the length of the rope is:
Q47. P,Q and R invested Rs.45,000, Rs.70,000 and Rs.90,000 respectively to start a business. At the end of two years, they earned a profit of Rs.1,64,000. What will be Q's share in the profit?
Q48. A started a business with a capital of Rs.1,00,000. One year later, B joined him with a capital of Rs.2,00,000. At the end of 3 years from the start of the business, the profit earned was 84,000. The share of B in the profit exceeded the share of A by.....
Q49. Find the difference between the compound interest and the simple interest for the sum Rs.1500 at 10% per annum for 2 years
Q50. The property of a man was divided among his wife, son and daughter as follows: wife's share is equal to 6/7 of son's share and daughter's share is equal to 4/7 of son's. If the son and daughter together receive Rs.1,02,300, how much does the wife get?
Q51. The enzymes that can cut DNA into fragments are known as..................
Q52. Growing of plant cells, tissues and organs on an artificial synthetic medium under controlled conditions is called.........
Q53. Cells are cultured, induced to multiply and differentiated into plantlets through a process known as .............
Q54. the pH of the tissue culture medium is adjusted to.................
Q55. Interferon, Insulin and Pencillin are drugs prepared through the ................process.
Q56. Of the following, which is the major thrust are in Biotechnology?
Q57. The hybrid formed between potato and tomato is called as .....................
Q58. Excess cholesterol in our body is bad for our health.
Q59. The type of fatty substances (lipids)that are found in our blood are.................
Q60. Protoplasts are removed in a ............solution.
Q61. Genetically engineered plant species are known as ........
Q62. The embryo with the differentiation of root and shoot is...................
Q63. The accessory food factors are:
Q64. Which of the following statement is false?
Q65. Purine and pyrimidine are the
Q66. Crossing over takes place between the chromosomes of .....................
Q67. What total cholesterol level is considered desirable?
Q68. The haploid set of chlorosome in a species is.................
Q69. The delivery of DNA on microscopic particles into target tissue is...................
Q70. LDL is called bad cholesterol because it can cause a blockage in the arteries and HDL is called good cholesterol because it removes excessive cholesterol deposits.
Q71. Danger signals should be in ......... colour.
Q72. Cyan, yellow and magenta form
Q73. Current produced in a conductor when it moves into a magnetic field is known as
Q74. Current of 7 A flowing through a coil of resistance 60W. The amount of heat produced by this coil is 60 and is ...........kJ.
Q75. CSP stands for
Q76. Current carrying conductor when placed in a magnetic fiold experience a force due to what?
Q77. Continuation of impression of image on the retina is for about ........... of a second even after the object is removed.
Q78. Concave lens is used to correct
Q79. Commercial unit of electrical energy is
Q80. Circular part in the centre of retina of human eye is called
Q81. Chances of death are caused by the radiation of
Q82. Centigrade and Fahrenheit scale give same reading at
Q83. Cell phones make use of
Q84. Cellular phones use radio waves in
Q85. Calculate the work done in moving a charge of 5C across the potential difference of 13 V
Q86. By how much time sunset delays due to atmospheric refraction?
Q87. By what technique, the age of relics is estimated?
Q88. Bohrs atom model could not explain ...............
Q89. Bodies that radiate light are called
Q90. Biogas is a
Q91. What is the highest mountain in the Hindkush Range?
Q92. What is the largest man made crater?
Q93. In which state does the Chambal river originate?
Q94. Which of Mar's moons is the smallest?
Q95. What type of galaxy is the Milky Way?
Q96. Who among the following scientists proved that the stars with mass less than 1.44 times the mass of the Sun end up as White Dwarfs when they die?
Q97. What is the mean distance of the Sun from the Earth?
Q98. In Bangladesh, Brahmaputra is known by the names .......... ............ .
Q99. Which of the following is an inland sea?
Q100. What is the simple term used for the extrusive equivalent of Magma?
Q101. Which of the following places is not rich in oil deposits?
Q102. Coal Industry was started in India during .............
Q103. The Kharif season begins in ....................
Q104. The state to receive the maximum benefit of the ' Sardar Sarovar Project ' is
Q105. Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon at ....
Q106. National Judicial Commission is located at .........
Q107. In the modern times, the oldest Indian University is................
Q108. Mother Teresa Women University is located at
Q109. Tobacco cultivation was brought to India from ..............
Q110. "Shatabdi Express" was introduced in the year 1988 to commemorate the birth centennary of
Q111. The first Indian to make a movie was ...........
Q112. Samyukta Panigrahi was famous ............dancer
Q113. The first Indian state to introduce luxury train is..................
Q114. Who among the following musicians is associated with Santoor, a musical folk instrument from Jammu and Kashmir ?
Q115. Presiding deity of the famous Sri Sailam temple is ........
Q116. The first newspaper to be published in India is.............
Q117. United National University is located in ....................
Q118. International Women's Day is observed on ................
Q119. Ustaad Zakir Hussain is a maestro in............
Q120. Which of the following is NOT a cash crop?
Q121. Which day is observed as "World Literacy Day"?
Q122. KLM Dutch is the airlines of which of the following countries?
Q123. "Satyameva Jayate" is taken from the
Q124. Gautama Buddha died at ...........
Q125. "Bhoodan Movement" was initiated by..............
Q126. Khond tribals are from .............
Q127. Which Indian state is famous for Sandalwood?
Q128. Jataka stories relate to..................
Q129. "Chakma" refugees are natives of which of the following countries?
Q130. "The Last Supper" is a painting by
Q131. "Ottam Thullal" is a fold dance from the state of ..............
Q132. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is a famous ..................
Q133. Who founded the city of Jaipur, known as Pink City?
Q134. The first woman to conquer Mt. Everest is .............
Q135. In an open economy, the national income (Y) of the economy is ..... (C=Consumption; I=Investment; G=Government expenditure; X=total exports and M=total imports)
Q136. In a group of five people, K, L and M are ambitious, M, N and R are honest, L, M and N are intelligent and K, N and R are industrious. Among these, neither industrious not ambitious person (s) would include
Q137. Read the information/statement given carefully and answer the QUESTION: Which of the following expressions will NOT be true if the expression 'P < Q < R = S' is definitely true?
Q138. In a certain code MARCH is written as OCTEJ. How is RETURN written in that code?
Q139. A, B, C, D, E and F not necessarily in that order are sitting in six chairs regularly placed around a round table. It is observed that.....(1) A is between D and F (2) C is opposite D (3) D and E are on neighbouring chairs. From this, which one of the following must be true?
Q140. Arrange the following set of words in proper order to make it a meaningful sentence: Movies made in (P) all around the globe (Q) Hollywood in America {R} by people (S) are seen at the same time.
Q141. Arrange the following set of words in proper order to make it a meaningful sentence: (P) The teacher had to be specially careful (Q) because he enjoyed the confidence {R} about how he faced up to this problem (S) of all the boys.
Q142. Pick an alternative for the idiom/phrase: "e;Ins and Outs"e;
Q143. Please fill the blanks in the following sentence with appropriate words from the given options: She made me seven shirts and was my teacher of the language. When I pointed to anything she would by name, and soon I was able to talk easily with her.
Q144. This sentence has been given in Direct/Indirect form. Out of the four alternatives suggested, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in indirect/direct form: "e;I said to my brother, "e;Let us go to some hill station for a change."e;
Q145. Gopal is not clever do the job
Q146. Find the grammatical mistake: "e;one (1) should do (2) his duty (3) honesty (4)
Q147. Please fill the blanks in the following sentence with appropriate words from the given options: As I slowly got to learn their language, I was talk to the girl and let her know my needs and she was able to make me .........comfortable.
Q148. In 2015, One Asian country, established a Yoga college. Which country?
Q149. In 2015, Who is the only Indian Sportsman included in the list of World's rich sportspersons?
Q150. Which foreign government parliament recorded an appreciation for the efforts of Tamil Nadu Government in protecting and developing the Tamil language activities?
Q151. An output device that uses words or messages recorded on a magnetic medium to produce audio response is known as
Q152. The .........contains data descriptions and defines the name, data type, and length of each field in the database.
Q153. the process of carrying out commands
Q154. A a design tool that graphically shows the logic in a solution algorithm.
Q155. To avoid race condition, the maximum number of processes that may be simultaneously inside the critical section is ....
Q156. The correct hierarchial order, smallest to largest, for the following database terms is .....
Q157. In a database......represent characteristics i.e.information stored about an entity.
Q158. The steps in an algorithm ...
Q159. Which of the following devices was used in the first generation computer?
Q160. A major network connecting smaller subnets ....



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