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Test No :54

Q1. Which of the following was used by the Mesolithic age people?
Q2. The Indus Valley civilization type was found in .........
Q3. What helped the transition from Paleolithic to the Neolithic age
Q4. Paleolithic people were mainly engaged with
Q5. What were the earliest cereals grown by man...
Q6. Primitive man first learnt to make..........
Q7. Jains produced their first icon in the form of the 'sarvatobhadrika'image (four standing Jinas back to back) and the 'ayagapatas' or votive tablets at.....
Q8. Indian temple architecture has been classified into three orders as: Nagara, Dravida and Vesara, by the ancient texts. Identify the wrongly matched temple based on these three orders?
Q9. The importance of Nagarjunakonda stupa is because of the beautiful panels which illustrate episodes from the life of the Buddha. Which of the following is not the most characteristic of the scenes depicted?
Q10. Who was the guide during the excavation work of Kalibangan, Rajasthan in the 1960s?
Q11. South of the Deccan Plateau in the Sangam Age, three kingdoms arose. Which is not the one to arise?
Q12. Our information regarding Alexander's invasion is derived from the account left by three of the following. Pick the odd man out?
Q13. Which of the following Kings were the first to issue coins bearing their names?
Q14. Arrange the different Sanskrit drama writers in an ascending chronological order: A.Bhasa; B.Asvagosha; C.Bhavabhuti and D.Kalidasa
Q15. "Goghna" in the Vedic period refers to....?
Q16. Which of the following developments cannot be ascribed to the later vedic period?
Q17. Export trade in the pre-Gupta age was mainly with......?
Q18. At which of the following places, has a major Rock Edicts of Ashoka been found?
Q19. Alexander the Great invaded India in the year.....?
Q20. Elephanta rock cut temples are ascribed to.....?
Q21. How does the National Rural Livelihood Mission seek to improve livelihood options of rural poor? (1) By setting up a large number of new manufacturing industries and agribusiness centres in rural areas (2) By strengthening "self-help groups" and providing skill development (3) By supplying seeds, fertilizers, diesel pump sets and micro irrigation equipment free of cost to farmers.
Q22. From among the following, which one is not a statutory one?
Q23. The High Court can issue a writ direct a public official or the government not to enforce a law which is unconstitutional.
Q24. The Emergency imposed in the year 1975 was for the reason.
Q25. The maximum permissible interval between two sessions of Parliament is
Q26. The Right to Property, earlier a Fundamental Right, was converted into a legal right in the year .
Q27. Which of the following provisions of the Constitution of India have a bearing on Education? (1) Directive Principles of State Policy (2) Rural nd Urban Local Bodies (3) Fifth Schedule (4) Sixth Schedule (5) Seventh Schedule.
Q28. The President is empowered to nominatemembers to the Rajya Sabha.
Q29. A person, not an elected member of either of the House, can be appointed as a Minister or even PM. But, he should get elected to either of the House within a period of .
Q30. Pick the odd one out of the following.
Q31. Of the following which one is not a Fundamental Right?
Q32. The Gandhian Principles have been enumerated in the .
Q33. The President of India is a ..
Q34. Arrange the following Presidents in the chronological order: 1.V V Giri, 2.Gyani Zail Singh, 3.Dr.Zakir Hussain, 4.Fakruddin Ali Ahmed.
Q35. The "adjournment motion" is a weapon to
Q36. Who among the following is legally empowered to declare a war?
Q37. Census is conducted once in .
Q38. As per 2001 Census report, what was India's population?
Q39. The current Five Year Plan (2007-2012) is the .. .
Q40. Beginning 1991, what type of reforms were taken up in a big way?
Q41. In the context of independent India's economy, which one of the following was the earliest event to take place?
Q42. How is the United Nation's Monetary and Financial Conference wherein the agreements were signed to set up IBRD, GATT and IMF, commonly known?
Q43. Which one of the following is the correct sequence in the decreasing order of contribution of different sectors to the Gross Domestic Product of India?
Q44. Consider the following statements and pick the one/s is/are correct: (1) The repo rate is the rate at which other banks borrow from the Reserve Bank of India.(2) A value of 1 for Gini Coefficient in a country implies that there is perfectly equal income for everyone in its population.
Q45. Tarapore Committee was associated with which one of the following?
Q46. If 4 (A's Capital) = 6 (B's Capital) = 10 (C's Capital), then out of a profit of 4650, C will receive
Q47. Calculate the compound interest on Rs.10000 in 1 year at 2% per annum, the interest being compound half-yearly.
Q48. 5 Mangoes and 4 Oranges cost as much as 3 Mangoes and 7 Oranges.What is the ratio of the cost of one mango to that of one Orange?
Q49. If 2A:3B:4C, the A:B:C is
Q50. The ages of Ramya and Ramila are in the ratio of 7:3 respectively. After 6 years the ratio of their ages will be 5:3. What is the difference in their ages?
Q51. The most common cause of shoulder pain in sportspersons is
Q52. The most common cause of shoulder stiffness and pain in elders is..............
Q53. The treatment for Periarthritis of shoulder is.......
Q54. Treatment for rotator cuff tear is ...............
Q55. Who have high incidence of periarthritis?
Q56. Which is the most common joint dislocation?
Q57. What work should people with previous shoulder dislocation avoid?
Q58. What is the treatment of shoulder impingement?
Q59. "Angina" is a manifestation of the blockages in the blood vessels of the ...............
Q60. The oxygen is a product of photosynthesis and comes from
Q61. Milk tastes sour when kept in the open for some time due to the formation of
Q62. Prokaryotes are
Q63. Honey has high concentration of sugar and does not decay because
Q64. The chromosome number in a bacterium is
Q65. A plant cell is distinguished from an animal cell by the presence of
Q66. On chemical analysis, a bottle-cork is found to contain primarily
Q67. Which of the following plant disease is caused by mineral deficiency?
Q68. Which of the following organelles is termed the powerhouse of a cell?
Q69. Granum is a component of
Q70. In a plant cell, DNA is found in
Q71. A net force of 10 N accelerates an object at 5 ms2. What net force would be required to accelerate the same object at 3 ms2? [F = ma; m = f!a = 10/5 = 2, F = 2 3 = 6]
Q72. A mixture of methane. Carbon-dioxide. hydrogen and hydrogen sulphide is known as
Q73. A merry go round of angular velocity of 12 p rod S1 in 4 sec, then angular acceleration is
Q74. A mass of 10 kg is moved vertically upward through a distance of 6m. What is the work done? (g = 9.8m/s2) [F = ma = 10 9.8; W = F S = 98 6]
Q75. A man wearing glasses of focal length +1m cannot see clearly beyond 1 m, if he is
Q76. A man of mass of 80 kg runs up a staircase in 20 s. Another man of same mass runs up a staircase in 25 s. What is the ratio of power developed by them.
Q77. A man pushes a wall and fails to displace it . He does
Q78. A magnet is pushed into a coil of wire. What happens if the magnet is then pulled out at higher speed?
Q79. A magnet cannot be demagnetised by ............
Q80. A loud speaker converts
Q81. A long vertical rod placed at 60 cm in front of a concave mirror gives an image at the same position, what is the focal length of the mirror?
Q82. A long vertical pin placed at 50 cm in front of a concave mirror gives an image at the same position. What is the focal length of the mirror?
Q83. A lens may be considered to be made up of
Q84. A light ray travelling from a denser medium to a rarer. medium is transmitted only at
Q85. A lamp consumes 1000J of electrical energy in 10s. What is its power?
Q86. A hypermetropia cannot see close objects clearly, where the image is formed?
Q87. A horizontal over head powerline carries current from east to west. The direction of the magnetic field at a point below it is directed towards
Q88. A glass rod rubbed with silk is brought near the cap of a negatively charged gold leaf electroscope. What will be the divergence of the leaf?
Q89. A force of 8 N acts on a body of weight 9.8 N what is the acceleration produced in rn/s2?
Q90. A force of 5 N acts through a distance of 12 m in the direction of the force. The work done is
Q91. Which river is known as the "big muddy"?
Q92. Which of the following planet is smaller than Earth?
Q93. Of the following seas, which one does not have a coastline?
Q94. The German port of Hamburg lies near the mouth of which major European river?
Q95. In which country is the Adam's Peak located
Q96. Where is the Standard Meridian of India located?
Q97. Aqaba is a sea port in ....
Q98. Pir Panjal range of mountains separates......
Q99. "Silent Valley" is located in which state of India?
Q100. Who discovered Pluto's moon "Charon" in 1978?
Q101. Pandit Jasraj is a famous exponent of which "gharana" of Hindustani music?
Q102. Which country's flag features an eagle holding a serpent in its talon perched on top of a prickly pear cactus?
Q103. In India Air transport was introduced in the year...... .
Q104. Rourkela Steel Plant was the first Public Sector steel plant to be started in India in the year 1958 with the collaboration of............
Q105. The first passenger train service between Bombay and Thane was for a distance of............Kms.
Q106. Concentration of Sugar industry is very high in..............
Q107. Paper industry is concentrated in the state/s of ........
Q108. Jamshedji Naorozji Tata was the first to start ..........industry in India.
Q109. The festival celebrated in north India, after the harvest is............
Q110. "India lives in her villages" is the quote of ..........
Q111. In the development of computer software systems, Indians hold the ....rank.
Q112. World's highest peak is .......
Q113. Which city is known as the "Manchester" of India?
Q114. In which of the following states, petroleum has not been discovered?
Q115. Which island chain has Asia's largest saw mill?
Q116. Neyveli in Tamilnadu is famous for .............
Q117. The delta area of Tamilnadu where petroleum was discovered is .......
Q118. Which state of India is known as the "Wheat Granary of India"?
Q119. Darjeeling in West Bengal is famous for .........
Q120. Jute is grown in abundance in ............
Q121. Mandya in Karnataka is famous for...........
Q122. "Spice Garden of India" is
Q123. In the northwest Deccan Plateau, what type of soil is found?
Q124. Where is India's premier institution for Forest Research is locted?
Q125. The purpose of conducting Census is to gather information/statistics on....
Q126. Indian Railways was started in the year ....
Q127. Rubber Plantations are found more in the .....
Q128. Which state of India contributes more than 50% of India's coffee production?
Q129. Indian Standard Time is the local time of ........
Q130. Manali Kallat Vainu Bappu was a famous
Q131. Equatorial launching station is located at.....
Q132. Which of the following countries has the highest transport network density?
Q133. The first ever railway passenger train operated between ..........
Q134. Keoladeo national bird sanctuary is located at .....
Q135. CBA, WVU, IHG, TSR, ?
Q136. Three dice (each having six faces with each face having one number from 1 to 6) are rolled. What is the number of possible outcomes such that atleast one diece shows the number 2?
Q137. A train completes a journey with a few stoppages in between at an average speed of 40 km per hour. If the train had not stopped anywhere, it would have completed the journey at an average speed of 60 km per hour. On an average, how many minutes per hour does the train stop during the journey?
Q138. Groups each containing 3 boys are to be formed out of 5 boys -- A, B, C, D and E such that no one group contains both C and D together. What is the maximum number of such different groups?
Q139. March 1, 2008 was Saturday. Which day was it on March 1, 2002?
Q140. In the given sentence, find the word/s marked (1), (2), (3) and (4) which are either misspelt or inappropriate in the context of the sentence. If no correction is required your answer is (5): "e;There was a slight (1) reduction (2) in his wait (3) after almost a week (4) of strict dieting. No correction.(5)
Q141. Rearrange the following six sentences A to F in proper order and then answer the question that follows: (A) He instructed his stable master to give him the fastest of all the horses he had. (B) Akbar was embarassed and in turn gifted the sage a horse cart and made the stable master its driver in order to punish him. (C) After a few days Akbar saw the sage walking again and asked him where the horse was. (D) Once Akbar saw a sage walking and decided to gift him a horse. (E) The sage answered "e;My Lord, the horse gifted to me was so fast that it crossed the distance from earth to heaven in one night"e;. (F) However, it so happened that the stable master gave him a frail and sick horse which died the same night it was gifted to the sage. Which of the above should be the FIRST sentence after rearrangement?
Q142. In the given sentence, find the highlighted word which is either misspelt or inappropriate in the context of the sentence. "e;Opportunities (A) multiply (B) when they are seized {C} and die (D) when they are not. All Correct (E)
Q143. Fill the blank: She to go to school
Q144. This sentence has been given in Direct/Indirect form. Out of the four alternatives suggested, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in indirect/direct form: "e;He said he goes for a walk every morning"e;.
Q145. During the King's .......the country prospered
Q146. The animal is hungry, not
Q147. He said that (1) he will (2) never repeat (3) the mistakes (4) --- Find the grammatical mistake
Q148. In June 2015, four Indian Parliamentarians were selected for an award by the Indian Government. What is it?
Q149. In May 2015 which country has authorized the marriage between same gender?
Q150. In which state of India, one transgender, became the Principal of a college, for the first time?
Q151. In BASIC, the operator "e;*"e; is used for ...
Q152. The common domain names used in the US are
Q153. You can check the conditions against ......when applying conditional formatting.
Q154. Visual Basic also access data through.....
Q155. We organize files by storing them in ...
Q156. .........statement can be used to mmediate exit from a loop construct.
Q157. ......key is used to more backward through cells?
Q158. Each Oracle database is made up of ......
Q159. You can protect sensitive data from prying eyes using .........
Q160. The deleted files .........



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