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Test No :55

Q1. Bana Bhatt the famous poet adorned the court of.....?
Q2. Nagarjuna was a famous......?
Q3. Mohenjodaro is situated in .....?
Q4. Lothal is located at?
Q5. King Harsha Vardhan was defeated by which king?
Q6. Pick the Odd one out of the following:
Q7. Harsha moved his capital from __________ to __________.
Q8. Kanishka patronised which of the following most?
Q9. Excavatios of Indus valley have pushed the antiquity of Indian History to
Q10. What practice was followed by the Harappan people to dispose off their dead?
Q11. What differentiates Harappan civilization from Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations?
Q12. The great granary of the Harappan civilisation has been found at?
Q13. Among the following what was not known to the Harappan people?
Q14. Ashokan inscriptions were deciphered in_____________ by ______?
Q15. To whose court was a Chinese embassy sent by T'ang Emperor?
Q16. Who reunited the large part of North India after the decline of the Guptas?
Q17. Which of the following was the most important kingdom in Deccan and Central India, after the Mauryas?
Q18. Which southern dynasty played an important role in the tripartite struggle?
Q19. When did Ashoka the Mauryan ruler begin to issue edicts?
Q20. At which place excavations have taken place related to the Vedic age?
Q21. The state of India with the longest coast line is ..
Q22. The first Five Year Plan period was .
Q23. Away from the Five Year Plans, annual plans were made during the period
Q24. "Gadgil Formula " 1969 is related to ...
Q25. Data pertaining to individuals, family, village or town is called
Q26. In which year was the "Insurance Scheme" for the rail passenger introduced?
Q27. Queen Rania al Abudulla (Yassin) is the queen of which country?
Q28. Which continent has highest density of population?
Q29. Name the countrys highest policy making body which has endorsed Eleventh Five Year Plan document.
Q30. The Eleventh Plan envisages an average nine per cent Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in the first four years. For the terminal year 2011-12 the GDP growth rate has been targeted at . .
Q31. Islam Karimov has been re-elected for third term as the President of .
Q32. Mwai Kibaki won a second five-year Presidential term on Dec 30, 2007 in a disputed election that triggered deadly riots by the opposition supporters. Identify the country.
Q33. Which of the following political front has been launched by Mamta Banerjee in West Bengal?
Q34. Where was the first "Trade Union" formed in India?
Q35. Mayavati may have lost the 2012 elections in Uttar Pradesh. But she holds an important record in UP Politics. What is it?
Q36. The ratio between birth and death rate is called.
Q37. How much is the total population of India as per 2001 census?
Q38. Zoroastrian population is concentrated in the state of
Q39. In which state women outnumber women?
Q40. The group of language spoken in large number of Indians is..
Q41. ASSERTION {A}: "Balance of Payments" represents a better picture of a country's economic transactions with the rest of the world than the "Balance of Trade". REASON {R}: "Balance of Payments" takes into account the exchange of both visible and invisible items whereas "Balance of Trade" does not.
Q42. Consider the following states and pick the correct one/s: (1) In India, during the financial year 2005..2005 an increase of below 10% over the value of exports (in rupee terms) in the financial year 2003..2004 was reported. (2) According to the WTO, India's share in the world merchandise exports crossed 2% in the year 2005.
Q43. Consider the following statements and pick the one/s is/are correct: (1) SENSEX is based on 50 of the most important stocks available on the Mumbai Stock Exchange. (2) For Calculating the SENSEX, all the stocks are assigned proportional weightage. (3) New York Stock Exchange is the oldest stock exchange in the world.
Q44. Consider the following statements and pick the one/s is/are correct: (1) During the year 2004, India's foreign exchange reserves did not exceed the 125 billion USD mark. (2) The series of Index numbers of wholesale prices introduced from April 2000 has the year 1993..1994 as base year.
Q45. Which sector has received the maximum Foreign Direct Investment in the past decade?
Q46. Seven men, five women and eight children were given an assignment of distributing 2000 books to students in a school over a period of three days. All of them distributed books on the first day. On the second day two women and three children remained absent and on the third day three men and five children remained absent. If the ratio of the number of books distributed in a day by a man, a woman and a child was 5:4:2 respectively, a total of approximately how many books were distributed on the second day.
Q47. Ages of A and B in ratio 7:8. The present age of A is equal to the total ages of A and B, 12 years before. What are their ages now?
Q48. Ram sold an article to Govind at a gain of 10%. Govind sold it to Gopal at a gain of 20%. If Gopaid Rs.2640 for it, what did it cost to Ram?
Q49. Amit's monthly income is two fifths of Rahul's monthly income. Rahul's monthly income is Rs.42,000.00. What is Amit's annual income?
Q50. The sum of three numbers is 90. The ratio of first and third numbers is 5:7 and ratio of second and third numbers is 6:7. What is 4% of the first number?
Q51. Cell sap is
Q52. The edible part is a fruit in which one of the following crops?
Q53. The Virus that infects a bacterium is
Q54. Binomial nomenclature refers to
Q55. To which group of plants does the banyan tree belong?
Q56. A liverwort is
Q57. "Flame of the forest" refers to
Q58. A herbarium is
Q59. Taxonomy is a science dealing with the
Q60. The widely used antibiotic, penicillin, is produced by
Q61. Lichen is considered to be a symbiotic association of two living organisms. Which organisms are involved in it?
Q62. Agar, commonly used as a synthetic growth medium and in bakery, is obtained from
Q63. Which of the following human disease/s is/are caused by a mutant gene?
Q64. Which of the following shows a taxonomically closely-related group?
Q65. Which scientist was responsible for binomial nomenclature?
Q66. Which of the following is not a parasite?
Q67. Which of the following moves the fastest?
Q68. The bird without cloaca is the
Q69. Yellow proteins are
Q70. Which of the following substances is not a protein?
Q71. A force of 5 N acts on a mass of 1 kg which acquire 40 m/s. What is the time for which the force acts?
Q72. A force of 4 N acted on a small body and pushed it vertically upwards. Simultaneously, another force of 7 N acted on it and pushed it vertically down wards. What is the resultant of the two forces? [Resultant = 7 4 = 3N]
Q73. A fly wheel has angular velocity of 20 p rad S1 in 5 sec, then the angular displacement is
Q74. A dynamo is used to produce ...... current using .....
Q75. A dynamo is an instrument that produces ........ current using
Q76. A distance - time graph is parallel to X-axis.What is shows?
Q77. A direct current consists of ...........
Q78. A detailed study of natural radioactivity forms the basis of ...........
Q79. A cylindrical coil of wire is called
Q80. A current is flowing in a curricular loop of wire in clock-wise direction. The magnetic field at the centre of the wire is
Q81. A current carrying conductor is placed normal to the magnetic field directed towards east. The electrons in the conductor are moving from north to south. What is the direction of the force acting on the conductor?
Q82. A copper plate is heated to 200 degree C. It cools by emitting
Q83. A convex lens of focal length 0.5 m and concave lens of focal length 1 m are combined. The power of the resulting lens will be
Q84. A convex lens can form .............. image
Q85. A concave mirror of focal length 20cm is dipped in a liquid of refractive index 1.67, then the focal length is ............ cm. hint : (focal length does not depend on the medium where it is placed.)
Q86. A coin is placed at the bottom of a bowl and water is poured into it. How does the coin appear and what is it due to?
Q87. A charged particle moving in a magnetic field experiences a resultant force
Q88. A chain reaction is possible when the mass of the fuel is greater than .............
Q89. A cart is pulled along the road for a distance of 5m. If the average frictional force is 47N, then what is the work done? [W = F S]
Q90. A car is moving at a speed of 72 km/h, what is its speed?
Q91. Which Mediterranean Island is often called the "Mountain in the Sea"?
Q92. In the context of outer space, what is 433 Eros?
Q93. What is the name for the point when an object in orbit around earth comes its closest to Earth?
Q94. Which country's claim covers the greatest swath of longitude?
Q95. Which country's highest point is the world's lowest above sea level?
Q96. Which Indian city will host the 2012 South Asian Games?
Q97. Which volcano is called the "Lighthouse of the Mediterranean"?
Q98. During winter, Punjab gets rain because of ....
Q99. What connects the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea?
Q100. The constellation "Cygnus" is so named because it can be represented as looking like a .....
Q101. Government Opium factory is located at...........
Q102. In Tamilnadu, the first wind mill to be established was at ......
Q103. Aryabhatta, India's first satellite, was launched from .....
Q104. When was "APPLE" Launched by India?
Q105. Which satellite was the first to relay television?
Q106. The longest railway tunnel in India is.......
Q107. What is the name of the building in which the Labour Ministry is housed?
Q108. National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research is located at......
Q109. Survey of India is headquartered at......
Q110. Where is the Himalayan Biosource Technology Centre is located?
Q111. Where is the National Institute of Oceanography located?
Q112. Where is the National Botanical Research Institute located?
Q113. When was the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai established?
Q114. Where is the Central Leather Research Institute located?
Q115. Uranium Corporation of India is headquartered at......
Q116. Where is the Heavy Water Board of India located?
Q117. Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics is located at.....
Q118. Atomic Energy Commission is headquartered at.....
Q119. Atomic Energy Regulatory Board is headquartered at......
Q120. Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd., is headquartered at.....
Q121. Where is the World's highest helipad?
Q122. National Institute of Malaria Research is located in .....
Q123. National Institute of Virology is located in ......
Q124. Central Food Technological Research Institute is located in .....
Q125. Centre for DNA finger printing and Diagnostics is located in .....
Q126. National Aids Control Organization is located in .....
Q127. All India Institute of Speech and Hearing is located at.....
Q128. National Tuberculosis Institute is located in ....
Q129. Central Leprosy Teaching & Research Institute is located in.....
Q130. All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health is located in....
Q131. National Institute of Communicable Diseases is located in .....
Q132. Central Institute of Psychiatry is located in.......
Q133. Food Research and Standardization Laboratory is located in .....
Q134. Institute of Serology is located at .....
Q135. HI, J;I, KL, ML, NO, ??
Q136. Amit has five friends.. 3 girls and 2 boys. Amit's wife also has 5 friends .. 3 boys and 2 girls. In how many maximum number of different ways can they invite 2 boys and 2 girls such that two of them are Amit's friends and two are his wife's?
Q137. Five balls of different colours are to be placed in three different boxes such that any box contains atleast one ball. What is the maximum number of different ways in which this can be done?
Q138. All the six letters of the name SACHIN are arranged to form different words without repeating any letter in any one word. The words so formed are then arranged as in a dictionary. What will be the position of the word SACHIN in that sequence?
Q139. In how many different ways can four books, A,B,C and D be arranged one above another in a vertical order such that the books A and B are never in continuous position?
Q140. Libraries follow .......................classifications for classifying the books
Q141. Man does not live by ........alone
Q142. Affix a revenue stamp and put your signature
Q143. Large number of students stood in the corridor and monkeys
Q144. "e;Manliness"e; is a poem by .....
Q145. Find the grammatical mistake: "e;His command (1) in the English (2) language is (3) rather unique (4)
Q146. Fill the blank with proper collective noun: "e;We saw a ...........of sheep on our way home"e;
Q147. Choose the correct preposition: Don't point mistakes
Q148. In June 2015, India inaugurated the road transport connectivity (Bus Transport) between India and Bangladesh. Which are the cities of both countries connected by this arrangement?
Q149. The Islamic State terrorist organization is functioning from their base and executing various terrorist activities.
Q150. Indian Postal Departments first Automated Teller Machine -- ATM -- was inaugurated on May 17, 2015 by the Central Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. Where was it?
Q151. Pick the valid Write statement.
Q152. The ......key in a relational database links one table to another.
Q153. WinWeb .....
Q154. Contents of the active cell are displayed in ......
Q155. Which of the following is true of client-side extensions? They add functionally to the ...
Q156. the communication protocol that sets the standard used by every computer that access web based information.
Q157. Conducting trade of goods through Internet is called
Q158. The shape of decision symbol used in a flow chart is .....
Q159. Which of the following is true about primary storage?
Q160. Collecting personal information and effectively posing as another individual is known as the crime of ....



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