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Test No :60

Q1. Which two principalities merged to form the Kingdom of Romania in 1859?
Q2. Which Chinese traveller visited India during the rule of Harshavardhana?
Q3. On which date Gandhiji launched the Quit India Movement?
Q4. With whom did the British East India Co., conclude the Treaty of Alinagar?
Q5. Which Sultan of Delhi shifted his capital from Delhi to Devagiri?
Q6. Where was the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan imprisoned by his son Aurangazeb?
Q7. In which war was the US Capital Washington DC captured by a foreign power?
Q8. Where is Akbar's Tomb?
Q9. Who founded the Ottoman Empire?
Q10. "Boxer Rebellion" took place in......
Q11. Who was the penultimate emperor of India?
Q12. Battle of Gattysburg was the turning point in American Civil War. In which American state this battle took place?
Q13. Who was the founder of the Bahmani Sultanate?
Q14. Which Sikh Guru was martyred on the orders of the Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb?
Q15. What was the name of the ship in which Vasco da Gama began his first voyage to India?
Q16. Which freedom fighter was popularly known as "Mahamana"?
Q17. In which year did the I Anglo Afghan War begin?
Q18. The Achaemenid Empire is related to which part of the present world ?
Q19. Which war saw the airplane first used for combat?
Q20. What was the birthname of Genghis Khan?
Q21. National Anthem "Jana Gana Mana" was composed by
Q22. "Jana Gana Mana" was first sung at the .. session of Indian National Congress..
Q23. Which of the following are the methods of Parliamentary control over public finance in India? (1) Placing Annual Financial Statement before the Parliament (2) Withdrawal of moneys from Consolidated Fund of India only after passing the Appropriation Bill (3) Provisions of supplementary grants and vote-on-account. (4) A periodic or atleast a mid-year review of programme of the Government against macroeconomic forecasts and expenditure by a Parliamentary Budget Office (5) Introducing Finance Bill in the Parliament
Q24. On which date Lord Mountbatten proclaimed the "declaration of Independence"?
Q25. National Integration Day is observed on.
Q26. During whose rule Indian Constitution was established?
Q27. In which year the first General Elections was held in Independent India?
Q28. Which of the following special powers have been conferred on the Rajya Sabha by the Constitution of India?
Q29. Among the following countries, which one practices "Direct Democracy"?
Q30. Which of the following countries is a good example of the "bi-party (two Party)" political system?
Q31. "Of the People, By the People and For the People" is the best definition for democracy. Who gave it?
Q32. Under the Directive Principles of State Policy, the Government must ensure
Q33. Which of the following political act has not happened in our country?
Q34. Current (2012) Lok Sabha is the ..
Q35. As of 2012, how many Indian languages have been recognized as the Official Languages?
Q36. Read the following statements and pick the correct ones: "The fundamental object of Panchayati Raj System is to ensure.. A) Participation of people in developmental activities B) Decentralisation of democratic processes. C) Mobilisation of Finance D) Political accountability
Q37. National Income in India is computed by the .
Q38. Which of the following Five Year Plans recognised human development as the core of all developmental efforts?
Q39. Cooperative Societies came under the State Government's control in the year..
Q40. Cooperative Societies are to be registered under the respective state government's ..
Q41. Consider the following and state which of these is/are component/s of internal debt? (1) Market borrowings (2) Treasury Bills (3) Special securities issued to RBI .
Q42. The primary function of the Finance Commission in India is to
Q43. Gilt edged market means
Q44. Consider the following statements and state which one/s is/are correct? The Indian rupee is full convertible (1) in respect of Current Account of Balance of Payment (2) In respect of Capital Account of Balance of Payment (3) Into gold
Q45. The growth rate of per capita income of current prices is higher than that of the per capita income at constant prices, because the latter takes into account the rate of .....
Q46. A shopkeeper marks his goods at 40% above their cost price. He is able to sell 3/4th of his goods at this price, and the remaining at 40% discount. Assuming that the shopkeeper is able to sell all the goods he buys, find his loss or gain as % on the whole transaction.
Q47. Suppose six coins are flipped then the probability of getting atleast one tail is..................
Q48. A certain number of 10 paise coins and thrice the number of 20 paise coins add up to Rs.21/-. If so, the number of 20 paise coins is .....
Q49. Rubina could get equal number of Rs.55/-, Rs.85/- and Rs.105/- tickets for a movie. She spends Rs.2940 for all the tickets. How many of each did she buy?
Q50. The population of a town is 164000. It increases by 9% in the first year and decreases by 5% in the second. What is the population of the town at the end of the 2nd year?
Q51. The centres for balancing and hearing lie respectively, in the
Q52. When dust gets into the eye, the part that be inflamed and pink is the
Q53. The expulsion of milk from the breast during suckling is brought about by
Q54. The sex of a child is determined
Q55. Insufficient dietary iodine causes a/an
Q56. The gland that contains the body's thermostat is
Q57. Patients who excrete large quantities of sodium in the urine have
Q58. Because the cells of islets of Langerhans are worn out completely, one would expect to find a
Q59. Acetyl CoA, a common key compound in intermediary metabolism, is produced in the body by 1 . b-oxidation of fatty acids 2. anaerobic breakdown of glucose 3. breakdown of glucose under aerobic conditions 4. breakdown of anti-ketogenic amino acids
Q60. The movement of eggs from the ovaries to the uterus proceeds through the
Q61. Fertilisation occurs normally in the
Q62. The destruction of mucous membrane of the uterus and consequent bleeding that occurs periodically in females of primates is
Q63. The period that marks the physiological cessation of the menstrual flow and consequently the end of the child-bearing period is referred to as
Q64. The most likely period in which a woman may conceive is
Q65. Ovulation generally occurs
Q66. In males, testes are contained in scrotal sacs because
Q67. The average length of human pregnancy is
Q68. Monozygotic twins are
Q69. Agents that cause birth defects are
Q70. Following fertilisation, implantation usually occurs
Q71. In an electric bulb, the filament is made of ...........
Q72. In a thermos flask the vacuum between two walls prevents the heat loss by....
Q73. "Calorie" is a unit of ..................
Q74. "Angstrom" is a unit used to measure .....................
Q75. Horse power is a unit of ....................
Q76. The velocity of the sound in vacuum is ..................
Q77. "Cryogenics" deals with ..........
Q78. Acoustics is a branch of study dealing with
Q79. Gasohol is used as fuel for automobiles. It is ...............
Q80. If you weigh 90 kg on earth what will be your weight on the moon?
Q81. The outer part of glass tumbler containing cooled water becomes wet because
Q82. The cloudy nights are warmer because ..........
Q83. A stick partially immersed in water looks bent. It is a phenomenon of .........
Q84. A petrol flame should not/cannot be extinguished by pouring of water because
Q85. The sky appears blue because
Q86. An electric bulb makes a bursting noise when it is broken because
Q87. Copper is not used in electric heaters because ......
Q88. The fuse wire has ......................
Q89. Energy is measured in the same units as .................
Q90. When a metal order increases in length when heated, its diameter ..............
Q91. Sunderban region in West Bengal is dominant with ...........soil.
Q92. Which of the following cities and rivers is not correctly matched?
Q93. The southernmost point of India lies in
Q94. .........river is also known as Tsangpo and Dihang.
Q95. Consider the following statements about the sedimentary rocks and pick the correct one: (1) Sedimentary rocks are formed at earth's surface by the hydrological system. (2) The formation of sedimentary rocks involves the weathering of pre existing rocks. (3) Sedimentary rocks contain fossils (4) Sedimentary rocks typically occur in layers.
Q96. Budapest is a twin city (Buda and Pest) divided by the river ............
Q97. High tides at antipodes are caused due to........
Q98. Most of the precipitation in India is..........nature.
Q99. Patkai Bum and Dapha Bum are the important ranges belonging to ..........
Q100. The state to get the most rain fall during NE monsoon is...........
Q101. Which warship became the first to be sunk by a submarine?
Q102. Who was the world's first Formula One World Champion?
Q103. Which 3G network was the first to go commercially live?
Q104. Marie Curie won her first Nobel Prize (shared) for the study of .......
Q105. Who among the following created the famous doll "Barbie"?
Q106. Which animal's name is derived from two Greek words that mean "terrible Lizard"?
Q107. What fast and dangerous games played with sticks called "hurleys"?
Q108. Which country is sometimes called the Emerald Isle because of its lush countryside?
Q109. In which city was the first skyscraper built?
Q110. Vikramashila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary, the only one of its kind in India, is located in which state of India?
Q111. Who is the first heir to the British Crown to take a University degree?
Q112. Which actor evolved his own system of martial arts called Jeet Kune Do?
Q113. In February 1845,in which European capital did Karl Marx find refuge after expulsion from France?
Q114. Who was the first person to drive an automobile at over 300 mph?
Q115. Who is the last Briton to win the Wimbledon Men's singles final?
Q116. Where was Adolf Hitler born?
Q117. Who was the only Indian to receive Pakistan's highest civilian award, the Nishan e Pakistan?
Q118. On which date, Jawaharlal Nehru die?
Q119. What is the last letter of the Greek Alphabet?
Q120. What is the height of the Burj Khalifa towers in Dubai?
Q121. Who invented the pendulum clock?
Q122. What is the floral emblem of Australia?
Q123. Who, according to the Hebrew Bible, built the First Temple in Jerusalem?
Q124. Who invented dynamite?
Q125. Which is the most populous city in India?
Q126. Where was the famous painter Leonardo da vinci born ?
Q127. "Dawn" is the most famous newspaper of Pakistan. Who founded the same?
Q128. Which Indian flutist was trained as a wrestler before he was initiated into classical music?
Q129. Who is known as "Israel's father of Nation"
Q130. Who is the first Indiana to receive the Magsaysay prize for Public Service?
Q131. Which Indian Cricketer was nicknamed "Colonel"?
Q132. Which Dutch company launched the compact casette in 1964?
Q133. Which Dutch artist born in 1606, was considered the master of portraits?
Q134. Which famous athlete played himself in the Walt Disney production "Endurance"
Q135. 2, 4, 8, 32, ?, 8192
Q136. The question is based on the following five three digit numbers: 485, 754, 849, 375, and 754. If the positions of the first and the thrid digits in each of the numbers are interchanged, which of the following will be the lowest number after the rearrangement?
Q137. From the given STATEMENTS and CONCLUSIONS, decide which of the conclusions logically follows: STATEMENT: All cycles are tyres. Some tyres are wheels. All wheels are buses. CONCLUSIONS: i)Some buses are tyres ii)Some wheels are tyres iii)Some buses are cycles.
Q138. The question is based on the following five three digit numbers: 485, 754, 849, 375, and 754. If the positions of the first and the second digits in each of the numbers are interchanged, which of the following will be third from the top when they are arranged in descending order after the rearrangement?
Q139. Find the correct choice to replace the question mark: Mountain:Valley::Light:?
Q140. Fill the blank with correct phrase: Although he worked very hard ........get first class marks
Q141. This sentence has been given in Direct/Indirect form. Out of the four alternatives suggested, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in indirect/direct form: "e;How clever of you to have solved the puzzle so quickly,"e; said the mother.
Q142. From the given group of words choose the one to replace the highlighted words in the given sentence, that would make the sentence grammatically correct. "e;I woke up early in the morning and had a steamer cup of coffee"e;
Q143. He has not recovered fully ..........the shock of his failure.
Q144. The pilot had been warned about the storm, before he ........
Q145. Give the meaning for SHOOING
Q146. Print letters are .......
Q147. Chanting of magic spells is known as ........
Q148. In April 2015, the Central Government introduced "Indra Dhanush" a vaccination against ................. disease.
Q149. In 2015, the Central Government introduced a centralized emergency telephone number for the whole country. What is it?
Q150. In April 2015, our country introduced the indigenously built submarine ship into Indian Navy.
Q151. An IDS does not ......
Q152. Personal logs or journal entries posed on the Web are known as ......
Q153. A destructor takes .....
Q154. In Numerical Control (NC), advantage is
Q155. Pick the valid Console command
Q156. Of the following input devices, which one cannot be used to work in MS Office?
Q157. A computer virus normally attaches itself to another computer program known as .....
Q158. The default column width in an MS Excel worksheet is ..... Points.
Q159. e-mail -- means
Q160. data that has been organised or presented in a meaningful fashion.



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