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Test No :61

Q1. Who signed the ratified surrender terms - the second military surrender- for the German military in Berlin at the conclusion of WW II?
Q2. Which nation suffered the most casualities during WW II?
Q3. The second battle of Panipat was fought between?
Q4. Tenali Rama was a court poet of which 16th century empire?
Q5. After which battle was Napoleon Bonaparte exiled to St. Helena?
Q6. Who was the first Governor General of India?
Q7. Tipu Sultan negotiated terms of surrender with which British Commander in 1792?
Q8. When did the War of American Independence begin?
Q9. What is the name of the revolution that ousted President Askar Akayev of Kyrgyzstan in 2005?
Q10. On which year was the Dutch East India Co., dissolved?
Q11. Who founded the Kushana Empire?
Q12. In 1798, Tipu Sultan signed a secret agreement with which French leader?
Q13. The "Ashanti Wars" were fought between the African Ashanti Empire and the ....
Q14. Who was responsible for the introduction of the Vernacular Press Act of 1878?
Q15. How is the brave freedom fighter and historical figure born Mani Karnika Tambe better known?
Q16. Who was the French Governor who happened to be the rival of Robert Clive during the Anglo French Wars?
Q17. Which of the following rulers died while playing 'chougan' - Polo?
Q18. "Fall of Bastille" is associated with....
Q19. In which year did Sarojini Naidu become President of the Indian National Congress?
Q20. Name the place in Uttar Pradesh where Gautama Buddha is believed to have attained "Parinirvana" after his death?
Q21. Right to property is a ..
Q22. Of the following organisations, which one is not a statutory body?
Q23. has the power to recommend abolition or creation of the Legislative Council in a State?
Q24. According to the Preamble, our Constitution ensures
Q25. Who among the following is empowered participate in the business of Parliament, without being a member of either house?
Q26. Who is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces by virtue of the post held?
Q27. National Flag of India was presented to the country on behalf of the
Q28. Who among the following is normally the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee?
Q29. In the Rajya Sabha, the States have been provided representation on the basis of.
Q30. Who among the following alone is empowered to impose emergency?
Q31. Where was the first SAARC Summit held?
Q32. SAARC was established in the year .
Q33. Headquarters of SAARC is permanently located at .
Q34. Who among the following was the first President of SAARC?
Q35. As of 2012, the Non Aligned Meet has members
Q36. What type of election is held when a candidate of the constituency dies?
Q37. Who was the Prime Minister to lower the voting age to 18?
Q38. enjoys the ranks of a Cabinet Minister.
Q39. Match the Constitutional Features with the countries' Constitution from which they have been adopted: A.Fundamental Rights 1.UK B.Parliamentary System of Government 2.USA C.Emergency Provisions 3.Ireland D.Directive Principles of the State Policy 4.Germany
Q40. When from the Constitution of India adopted?
Q41. A rise in SENSEX means
Q42. ASSERTION {A}: The rate of growth of India's exports has shown an appreciable increase after 1991. REASON {R}: The Government of India has resorted to devaluation.
Q43. As per the latest (February 2013) guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India what is the minimum PAID UP capital to be paid by all new banks that are to be established?
Q44. What is M0, M1, M2, M3 and M4 in Economics?
Q45. The planning process in the industrial sector in India has assumed a relatively less important position in the nineties as compared to that in the earlier period. Which one of the following is NOT TRUE in this context?
Q46. Two pipes can fill a cistern separately in 24 and 40 minutes respectively. A waste pipe can drain off 30 litres per minute. If all the three pipes are opened, the cistern fills in one hour. The capacity of the cister in litres is...
Q47. A pole 5 metres high is fixed on the top of a tower. The angle of elevation of the top of the pole observed from a point A on the ground is 60 degree and the angle of depression of the point A from the top of the tower is 45 degree. The height of the tower is...............
Q48. In the morning walk three persons step off together, their steps measure 80 cm, 85 cm and 90 cm respectively. What is the minimum distance each should walk so that they can cover the distance in complete steps?
Q49. What is 968 times 837?
Q50. Seema's present age is four times her son's present age and four seventh of her father's present age. The average of the present ages of all three of them is 32 years. What is the difference between Seema's son's present age and Seema's father's present age?
Q51. When a child is born, its blood
Q52. The possibility of fraternal twins occurs
Q53. The operation to sterilize males is called
Q54. Bull semen for the purpose of artificial insemination is stored in
Q55. Every living individual, born through sexual reproduction, is single-celled in its earliest life history. This cell is called
Q56. A spore is
Q57. Some plants flower only once in their lifetime. They are called
Q58. Which one of the following plants has the largest flower
Q59. Pollination by insects is called
Q60. The fusion of a male gamete with an egg is called
Q61. A true fruit develops from the
Q62. Which one of the following bear the smallest seeds?
Q63. Which one of the following is a true fruit?
Q64. Fruit development without fertilisation is called
Q65. When male and female flowers are borne on different plants, the plant is said to be
Q66. The dry fruit chilgoza is obtained from
Q67. Which one of the following is not a fruit?
Q68. The pollen grains in plants are produced in the
Q69. Jhum is
Q70. The age of a tree can be found by
Q71. Rutherford the scientist is known for being the
Q72. Red, Yellow and Blue are known as .......
Q73. The purpose of a filament in a radio tube is to ............
Q74. Sound waves above 20000 cbs are called.................
Q75. A defect in lens due to the dispersion of light is called.............
Q76. A small gap is always left between two joints of rails because ..............
Q77. The lightning is seen before the thunder sound is heard. Why?
Q78. Why a blotting paper is able to absorb quickly?
Q79. Why white clothes are preferable in summer periods?
Q80. Why an object weighs less at the equator than at the poles?
Q81. Why it takes more time cook potatoes on mountains tops because ......
Q82. The bats are able to avoid any obstruction in the dark because they ......
Q83. the unit of electric current
Q84. used for measuring the curvature of a surface.
Q85. " For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction". It is the of Isaac Newton.
Q86. "Photometer" is used to determine the
Q87. A small weight put on a pressure cooker incrases the pressure of the steam because
Q88. Why a person bends forward while climbing a hill?
Q89. Carburettor is an arrangement in internal combustion engines for ..............
Q90. Steering of a car involves .................
Q91. Pumice high textured .... glass) is derived from
Q92. The region to receive maximum rain fall during winter is ........
Q93. River Sabarmati originates from ..............
Q94. Chambal river flows through which of the following states?
Q95. Which of the following statements about ozone layer is correct?
Q96. West flowing rivers emanating from the western ghats do not form deltas due to.........
Q97. The river that flows between the Satpuras and the Vindhyas is........
Q98. Which of the following state is the first to get the summer monsoon ( South West )?
Q99. Of the total water on the earth, fresh water reserves constitute approximately
Q100. Which river in the world discharges the greatest volume of water?
Q101. In which newspaper in 1913 did the first crossword puzzles, with 32 clues appear?
Q102. Antonio Stradivari of Italy is the inventor of .....
Q103. Which country pioneered the first modern in-service assault rifle?
Q104. Who was the first woman to swim across the English Channel?
Q105. Who is regarded as the inventor of the first safety razor?
Q106. Kevlar, a type of synthetic fibre, was developed by which company?
Q107. Which romantic poet was expelled from Oxford University for publishing a pamphlet defending atheism?
Q108. Which god in Roman mythology has two faces ?
Q109. What was the name of the dog that a Russian spacecraft carried into space?
Q110. Who was the first person to be awarded the Bharat Ratna award posthumously?
Q111. Who coined the terms "doublethink" and "newspeak"?
Q112. Which city, formerly a capital, is also known as "sunlit city" to its residents?
Q113. What is the Jewish New Year called?
Q114. What does "curriculum Vitae" (Latin term) mean?
Q115. "Dendrolatory" is the worship of......
Q116. Who founded the Methodism in the 1720s?
Q117. Who was the first cricket player to be "man of the match" in the world cup semi finals and finals?
Q118. Who was the first Indian to join the Indian Civil Services?
Q119. Which England player, later found not guilty, was put in prison in 1877 for wagering money on a match and missed the first test in cricket history?
Q120. Which Indian batsman has hit two double centuries in consecutive test matches?
Q121. Bhupen Hazarika the famous singer sang his first film song at the age of 12. Which film?
Q122. How many tales are there in "Canterbury Tales"?
Q123. How many times has an organisation been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize between 1901 to 2010?
Q124. The Portable throne on which Popes were carried until 1978 was called......
Q125. Which leader's autobiography is named "A Long Walk to Freedom"
Q126. The word "cereal" is derived from the name of which Roman Goddess?
Q127. The flag flown by pirates stop their ships is called .......
Q128. Who is the first Pakistani to win a Nobel Prize?
Q129. What was the name of Alexander the Great's favourite hourse?
Q130. Who among the following is the youngest Nobel Laureate?
Q131. Between the years 1585 and 1592, there is little information about Shakespeare. This period is known as.....?
Q132. Lahore is the capital of which province of Pakistan?
Q133. from which language the word "halwa" has been derived?
Q134. Which Sikh Guru began the construction of the Golden Temple in Amritsar?
Q135. From the given STATEMENTS and CONCLUSIONS, decide which of the conclusions logically follows: STATEMENT: All Keys are locks. No lock is toy. All bags are toys. CONCLUSIONS: i)No bag is key ii)Sme bags are keys iii)Some toys are keys
Q136. A, E, I, M, Q, U, ?
Q137. In the following statement some portions are highlighted and marked which are either misspelt or inappropriate in the context of the statement. Identify the same: "He realized(A) he was alone (B) in the house and rushed (C) to bolt (D) all the doors and windows. All correct (E)
Q138. From the given STATEMENTS and CONCLUSIONS, decide which of the conclusions logically follows: STATEMENT: Some days are nights. Some nights are months. Some months are years. CONCLUSIONS: i) Some years are nights ii)Some months are days iii)No year is night.
Q139. In the following statement some portions are highlighted and marked which are either misspelt or inappropriate in the context of the statement. Identify the same: "The information (A) provided (B) to the staff was not adequate (C) and everything retaliated (D). All are correct (E)
Q140. Fill in the blanks: You must not look directly at the sun ......the eclipse.
Q141. Pick the correct Preposition: No one is interested in discussion .....the present day politics.
Q142. When one thing or person is compared with all the others, the idea can be expressed in ....
Q143. Give the word that is most similar in meaning for DEGREE
Q144. Find the error: "e;My friends are (1) not allowed to (2) go without (3) their parents' consenting (4) No error.
Q145. Thomas Alva Edison was ......
Q146. Fill in the blanks: It is ......that John did not hurt himself when he fell off his motorbike.
Q147. In letters by a student to a lecturer the subscription is .........
Q148. After the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, which place was selected as the capital of Andhra Pradesh?
Q149. In the Indian Postal scenario, one of the services which begain in 1792, has been withdrawn. What is it?
Q150. On April 2, 2015, Iran entered into a memorandum of understanding with the world's top powerful countries in the field of ..................
Q151. Decimal equivalent of (1111)2 is
Q152. COMMIT, ROLLBACK statements are parts of ......
Q153. The advantage of LAN is ....
Q154. A disk where number of sectors are fixed is called ....
Q155. Pick the correct External command
Q156. Expand BGP
Q157. processed by the computer into information
Q158. What allows you to add speciala effects to modify the appearance of the slides and the timing between each slide?
Q159. In MS Word, the tool bar is classified into ....
Q160. Netscape ......



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