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Test No :64

Q1. Before the 1857 mutiny, one other important mutiny, in which 200 Britishers were either killed/injured took place in 1806. Where did it take place?
Q2. Where was Emperor Jehangir buried?
Q3. Which of the following was the last major battle of the Napoleonic wars?
Q4. "The Congress was passing through midnight gloom and Gandhiji himself withdrew from politics altogether, devoting himself to his social programmes". Relate this to any one of the period below:
Q5. "Uniform, consistent and continuous obstruction of legislation" Whose quote is this?
Q6. "Must we train the three hundred and odd millions of Indians in the theory and practice of non-violent action before we could go forward?" Whose quote is this?
Q7. "A curious knack for doing the right thing at the right psychological moment". Whose quote is this?
Q8. " My own belief is that the Congress is tottering and one of my great ambitions is to assist it to to a peaceful death". Whose quote is this?
Q9. "Such an opportunity for uniting Hindus and Mohammedans would not arise in a hundred years" Whose quote is this?
Q10. Which of the following enactments gave the nationalist movement the final push to acquire an organisational status?
Q11. Match Annie Beasant with one of the following:
Q12. Mahadev Govind Ranade was a member of which of the following organizations?
Q13. Relate "Kesari" to one of the following?
Q14. After which of the following incident Gandhiji quoted;"Cooperation in any shape or form with this satanic government is sinful"?
Q15. The Quit India movement began in 1942. Who was the viceroy then?
Q16. In which of these provinces during British rule, the muslims had taken seriously to education and commerce early?
Q17. In August 1918, the Indian National Congress met at Bombay to discuss about the Montague Chelmsford proposals. Who was the President in that meet?
Q18. Who among the following committed the daring murder of Sir Curzon Wyllie at a public meeting in London in 1907?
Q19. Believing that Lord Kingsford, the infamous judge of Muzzafarpur, was in occupation of a carriage in 1908, one of these pairs threw a bomb. Can you identify the pair?
Q20. During the Swadeshi movement who among the following set up the Bengal Chemical Swadeshi Stores?
Q21. Regarding "Carbon Credits", which one of the following statements is NOT correct?
Q22. Which state of India has the maximum SC population?
Q23. Which committee was appointed to look into the social, economic and educational condition of the Muslims in India?
Q24. Which Committee was appointed to look into the issue of Telengana?
Q25. Which state of India has 60 assembly seats of which 59 are reserved for ST?
Q26. As per the 2008 delimitation process, the grand total number of assembly seats in various states and Union Territories are
Q27. Which committee recommended the abolition of IAS and IPS?
Q28. Population experts refer to the possible ' demographic bonus' that may accrue to India around 2016 AD. They are referring to the phenomenon of
Q29. As per 2001 Census, one state of India has made tremendous progress in total literacy. However, it also accounted for the widest gap between female and male literacy. The referred state is..
Q30. Which of the following point does not figure in the 10 year Action Plan formulated under the National Population Policy, 2000?
Q31. Consider the following statements and pick the one/s that is/are correct: (1) The Council of Ministers in the Centre shall be collectively responsible to the Parliament. (2) The Union Ministers shall hold the office during the pleasure of the President of India and (3) The PM shall communicate to the President about the proposals for legislation.
Q32. In our country the workers in the organised sector constitute only around percent of the total work force.
Q33. "Check Off" system refers to the verification of membership through..
Q34. The functions and powers of the centre and the states are laid down in the constitution in Article . .
Q35. The long term objective of National Population Policy (NPP) 2000 is to ..
Q36. What is the percentage of India's population to the world population as per 2012 report?
Q37. Which year is considered as the "Year of Great Divide" with regard to population growth in India?
Q38. Consider the following: (1) Right to Education (2) Right to equal access to public service (3) Right to food. Which of the above is/are Human Right/s under "Universal Declaration of Human Rights"?
Q39. The birth rate measures the number of births during a year per
Q40. Which are the following pair of state(s)/UT to have a sex ration of more than 1000 as of 2011 census?
Q41. Consider the following statements and pick the one/s that is/are correct: Industrial development in India, to an extent, is constrained by (1) lack of adequate entrepreneurship and leadership in business. (2) lack of savings to invest (3) lack of technology, skills and infrastructure (4) limited purchasing power among the larger masses.
Q42. The currency of the European Monetary Union is .......
Q43. The supply-side economics lays greater emphasis on the point of view of .....
Q44. The accounting year of the Reserve Bank of India is ....
Q45. Economic Survey in India is published officially, every year by the
Q46. A canteen requires 105 Kg of wheat for a week. How many Kg of wheat will it require for 58 days?
Q47. Arun, Varun and Karun divide an amount of Rs.2800 amongst themselves in the ratio of 5:6:3 respectively. If an amount of Rs.200 is added to each of their shares, what will be the new ratio of their shares of the amount?
Q48. A candidate scores on an average of 23 marks per paper at an examination. The average mark in the 4 papers is 47 and the average for the other papers is 61. What is the number of papers for the examination?
Q49. A semi circular sheet of paper of diameter 28 cm is bent to cover the exterior surface of an open conical ice cream cup. The depth of the ice cream cup is:
Q50. What should come in place of the question mark (?) in the following number series? 15, 29, 57, 113, ?, 449
Q51. The deficiency of vitamin A causes
Q52. Ringworm is a disease caused by the
Q53. The disease that is caused by viral infection is
Q54. Jaundice results from the malfunctioning of the
Q55. The medicine for typhoid is
Q56. An increase in the number of leucocytes to 500,000/ cu. mm. and above indicates
Q57. Trypansomes are transmitted from animal to animal or man by the
Q58. Excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks causes damage to the
Q59. Syphilis is caused by
Q60. Elephantiasis, i.e., enormous enlargement of certain parts as that of leg, scrotum, penis and breast, etc. is caused by
Q61. Which of the following worms enters the intestine through the skin?
Q62. What is responsible for diphtheria and influenza?
Q63. The first surgical transplant of the human heart was performed by
Q64. The disease in which high levels of uric acid in the blood are characteristic of
Q65. Caner is 'a deadly disease because it has the ugly potentials of
Q66. Foot and mouth disease occurs in
Q67. The polio virus enters the body through
Q68. In the event of a snake bite, a piece of cloth is tied tightly around the wound to
Q69. Some fungi have been found to cause diseases in man. Which of the following do you think is one such?
Q70. A western country that was struck by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) causing a few deaths is
Q71. The mass of water vapour in the atmosphere per unit of volume of space is called.....
Q72. At what temperature do Celsius and Farenheit read the same?
Q73. Sir C.V.Raman's "Raman Effect" deals with.......
Q74. Who discovered "gamma radiation"?
Q75. What is the term for the tendency of a force to rotate an object about an axis, fulcrum or pivot?
Q76. Which of these engines is an external combustion engine?
Q77. What is produced in a resistance of one Ohm by a potential difference of one volt?
Q78. What is the escape velocity required (per second) from the surface to leave the planet earth?
Q79. Geostationary satellites orbit in which belt over earth?
Q80. Who first discovered that an electrical current creates a magnetic field?
Q81. When the magnet is brought towards the coil, the number of magnetic lines of force linked with the coil ...........
Q82. When the number of turns in a current carrying circular coil increases, the magnetic field developed ............
Q83. When the object is placed at C for a concave mirror, the position of the image is
Q84. When the potential difference across a conductor is doubled the electric current in a conductor
Q85. When the potential difference cross the ends of the conductor is halved. the amount of heat produced is
Q86. When the string of sitar is plucked what waves are produced?
Q87. When the water vapour in the atmosphere condenses and clouds are formed, these clouds contain large amount of charges.
Q88. When the wavelength of incident wave is reduced to 1/4 of its initial value what will be the amount of scattering?
Q89. When two paints are mixed together, the final colour of the mixture is the colour they both
Q90. When water solidifies to ice
Q91. The limit beyond which stars suffer internal collapse is called....
Q92. ............has very little alluvial soil.
Q93. Asian volcanoes are largely concentrated along the ......
Q94. If the stars are seen to rise perpendicular to the horizon by an observer, he is located on the
Q95. Fog is common around Newfoundland coast because
Q96. Pressure increases with increased depth of water at the rate of one atmosphere for every ......metres of descent.
Q97. The geographical feature that is not an important characteristic of the Himalayan rivers is.......
Q98. The tributary of Ganges system that flows north is...........
Q99. Which one of the following is NOT correctly matched?
Q100. K2 is the highest peak in Indian territory and it lies in ...............
Q101. "Kyat" is the currency of which country?
Q102. "Papeti" is a festival of .......
Q103. Yakshagana is a folk dance drama of which state?
Q104. The home land of "Beduins" is......
Q105. What does "Syadvada" theory, an essential ingredient of Jainism state?
Q106. In production of which of these vaccines, India is not self sufficient?
Q107. The Kudankulam Nuclear Power Station, Tamilnadu, is being set up with the collaboration of which country?
Q108. Who wrote the book " Great Errors of Preachers, Scientists, Rulers and Politicians"?
Q109. Gautama Buddha is believed to have died .......
Q110. "Arthashastra"by Kautilya has often been compared to.......
Q111. What was the nickname of the first cloned male mouse in USA?
Q112. "Bhakti" is.....
Q113. "Malavikagnimitra" is a book on.....
Q114. By which of the following tests the semen mark on the dress of Monica Lewinsky was adduced as an evidence against President Clinton?
Q115. Which of the following wild life projects and the states is not correctly matched?
Q116. Which of the following gods would not be associated with the Vedic period?
Q117. The institution that has filed more patents than all the individual patents put together in India is......
Q118. Szent Gyorgi received Nobel Prize for isolating Vit. C from which of the following?
Q119. The agency that does not fund local bodies for infrastructural development is............
Q120. Sir Wilson Jones is known for translating a few indian epics in English. Which of the following was not his work?
Q121. Leading producers of Asbestos in the world is....
Q122. The wild life sanctuaries namely Madei and Natravali are located in.....
Q123. "Ringgit" is the currency of which country?
Q124. Which country is known as the "Cockpit of Europe"?
Q125. On the intellect side, the Sufis were influenced by a 'hatha-yogic' treatise called.....
Q126. "Annals & Antiquities of Rajasthan" is a book on the history of Rajputs.Who wrote this book?
Q127. How was the Indian Ocean known to the Greeks?
Q128. Whose influence plays heavily on the Gandhara School of Art?
Q129. "A Buddist priest, journeyed by land via South Gobi Desert and Yarkand, entered India through Indus valley in AD 399, spent about 10 years in that region, travelled all over north India, stayed in Pataliputra for about 3 years" Whom are we talking about?
Q130. Pick the wrong combination of cities manufacturing railway equipments.
Q131. Which is the largest tiger reserve of India?
Q132. Who is the first American President to visit India?
Q133. How many NAM Summits have been held in India so far?
Q134. Among the following NAM Summits which one was held in India?
Q135. If A means 'x', B means '+', C means '-', and D means '+' then, 4 D 16 A 5 B 8 C 5 =?
Q136. Read the Statement and the Argument carefully and give your answer : STATEMENT: Should test of English language be made compulsory in various examinations conducted by the UPSC. ARGUMENT: i)Yes. This is the only way to spread English in the country. ii)No. English is not the only language which people of all parts of India can read, write and understand. So, the work in offices is not to be done in this language.
Q137. Read the Statement and the Argument carefully and give your answer : STATEMENT: Should people arrested in murder cases be shot dead? ARGUMENT: I)Yes. All such people are anti-national elements and they should be eliminated. ii)No. killing is not a big punishment. However, such people should be axed into pieces.
Q138. Read the Statement and the Argument carefully and give your answer : STATEMENT: Should underground transportation system be introduced in Mumbai? ARGUMENT: i)Yes, difficulties faced by commuters and pollution will be FF0000uced. ii)No, it will cause a high burden on the national exchequer.
Q139. Read the Statement and the Argument carefully and give your answer : STATEMENT: Should reservation in jobs be given to the children of Class I Officers of SC/ST Community? ARGUMENT: i)Yes, reservation should be made for all SC/ST candidates irrespective of the ranks their parents hold. ii)No. These children do not need to secure jobs as their parents are highly placed.
Q140. If the dog got out of the gate .................
Q141. From the given alternatives, pick the one that expresses the meaning of the underlined phrase/idiom: "e;Just keep ;the wig on. Everything will be alright"e;
Q142. Fill in the blanks: ............he is a hard worker, his quality of work is not of a desirable level.
Q143. Fill in the blanks: In spite of repeated instructions, he ........the same mistakes.
Q144. In the given sentence, find the word/s marked (1), (2), (3) and (4) which are either misspelt or inappropriate in the context of the sentence. If no correction is required your answer is (5). "e;Drivers (1) who exceed (2) the speed limit (3) are duly find (4) by the traffic police. No correction(5)
Q145. The keyword "e;now"e; is used in .......tense
Q146. I look .......her as my close friend
Q147. The present age is in the ........
Q148. Which organization was selected for the 2014 Gandhi Peace Prize?
Q149. Which Indian film bagged the best feature film in the 2014 National Film Awards held in March 2015?
Q150. Shri Rajendra Singh of Rajasthan is an environmental activist, specially in protection of water bodies, preserving of water sources and creating new sources for water storage and water management. Which country honoured him in 2015?
Q151. Word length of a home computer is ....
Q152. Piggypacking is a technique for .....
Q153. Which part of the CPU helps to coordinate the activities of other components of the computer?
Q154. What does not centre aligns a text
Q155. Which of the following uses computers and data communication to transit data electronically between computers?
Q156. Usenet .....
Q157. Internal memory in a CPU is nothing but...
Q158. NOT related to the World Wide Web (WWW).
Q159. ......shows the files, folders and drives on your computer, making it easy to navigate from one location to another within the file hierarchy.
Q160. What type of resource is most likely to be a shared common resource in a computer network?



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