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Test No :65

Q1. "Moderate Politics" was gaining a systematic criticism in the 1890s in the regions of ......
Q2. For what reason the public meeting was held on 13th April 1919 in Jalianwala Bagh, Amritsar which ultimately ended in massacre?
Q3. Aggrieved over which event below, Gandhiji founded the Satyagraha movement in 1919?
Q4. Who among the following muslim leaders became the president of INC for the first time?
Q5. Which Indian communist leader among the following played a key role in the world communist movement?
Q6. Where did Gandhiji start the 'satyagraha' for the first time?
Q7. Which legislation of the British, for the first time gave representation for Indians in the legislature?
Q8. Who was the Viceroy of India, during the visit of King George V?
Q9. At which session of the Indian National Congress, Quit India Movement was adopted?
Q10. Which of the following statements about Quit India movement is wrong?
Q11. Which factor below mentioned did not directly contribute to the grant of independence for India?
Q12. Who was that close adjutant of Gandhiji who was asked to try for the first time his specific technique of controlled mass struggle in a native state during 1939?
Q13. Who quoted Gandhiji as a 'seditious fakir" and strongly objected the British governement negotiating on equal terms, in February-March 1931?
Q14. Which of the following statements regarding Md.Ali Jinnah is wrong?
Q15. For what reason Gandhiji began a fast unto death in Yeravada Jail on September 1932?
Q16. When did Muslim League adopt "self government" as one of its objectives?
Q17. Who was the President of the Indian National Congress at the time of the Moderate-Extremist split?
Q18. Who among the following muslim leaders was elected as the Permanent President of the Muslim League in 1908?
Q19. Some of the militant nationalism regions down to 1907 to 1919 are given below. Pick the odd one out where such base did not exist. Punjab Gujarat Bengal Maharashtra
Q20. Who gave the slogan " do or die " which turned out to be the most powerful slogan during the freedom movement?
Q21. What is the sex ratio of our country according to the 2011 census?
Q22. What was the motto of the Census 2011?
Q23. 2011 Census was the .in our country
Q24. Lakshmi Sahgal was the first woman contestant for President of India. She lost to
Q25. In which year "The President's (Emoluments and) Pension Act was enacted?
Q26. With reference to Union Government, consider the following statements: (1) The Ministries/Departments of the Government of India are created by the Prime Minister on the advice of the Cabinet Secretary. (2) Each of the Ministries is assigned to a Minister by the President of India on the advice of the Prime Minister. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
Q27. NAMA 11 group of countries frequently appeared in the news in the context of the affairs of which one of the following?
Q28. In the later half of the year 2008, which one of the following countries pulled out of Commonwealth of Independent States?
Q29. Among the following Presidents of India, who was also the Secretary General of Non-Aligned Movement for some period?
Q30. Among other things, which one of the following was the purpose for which the Deepak Parekh Committee was constituted?
Q31. With reference to "Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana" consider the following statements: (1) The member insured under the scheme must be the head of the family or n earning member of the family in a rural landless house hold (2) The member insured must be in the age group of 30 to 65 years. (3) There is a provision for free scholarship for up to two children of the insured who are studying between classes 9 and 12. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
Q32. Present group of nations known as G 8 started first as G 7. Which one among the following was not one of them?
Q33. Consider the following countries: (1) Brunei Darussalam (2) East Timor (3) Laos. Which of the above is/are member/s of ASEAN?
Q34. Consider the following countries: (1) Switzerland (2) Malta (3) Bulgaria. Which of the above are members of European Union?
Q35. Which of the following is/are fundamental for the governance of the country, according to our Constitution?
Q36. Consider the following statements: (1) Between Census 1951 and Census 2001, the density of the population of India has increased more than three times. (2) Between Census 1951 and Census 2001, the annual growth rate (exponential) of the population of India has doubled. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
Q37. With which one of the following has the B K Chaturvedi Committee dealt?
Q38. Other than Venezeula, which one among the following from South America is a member of OPEC?
Q39. Under the administration of which one of the following is the Department of Atomic Energy?
Q40. Who is the Chairman of the National Water Resources Council?
Q41. In India, the inflation is measured by the
Q42. The Sixth and the Eighth Five Year Plans covered the period 1980-1985 and 1992-1997 respectively. The Seventh Five Year Plan covered the period ......
Q43. Which of the following comes under non-plan expenditure? (1) subsidies (2) interest payments (3) Defence expenditure (4) Maintenance expenditure for the infrastructure creat4ed in the previous plans.
Q44. National Income is the
Q45. The average rate of domestic savings (gross) for the Indian economy as reported last for (2011) is estimated to be in the range of
Q46. The area of a circle is 3850 Square meters. What is its circumference?
Q47. A man takes 6 Hours 30 mts in going by a cycle and coming back by scooter. He would have lost 2 hrs 10 mts by going on cycle both ways. How long would it take him to go by scooter bothways?
Q48. Out of 100 persons surveyed, 72 had a wallet, 85 wore brown shoes, 58 carried a brief case and 98 wore a ring. How many persons must have had at least all the four items?
Q49. In a den there are some rats and birds. Together they have 20 heads and 48 feet. How many birds are there?
Q50. Ram's uncle gave him Rs.100 on his first birthday. On each birthday after that he doubled his previous gift. By the day after his eighth birthday, what was the total amount that his uncle had given him?
Q51. An anaerobic species of the bacterium Clostridium causes a very serious disease in human populations. Which one of the following?
Q52. Reserpine is a medicine to
Q53. Population means ...
Q54. An ecosystem consists of
Q55. A prairie is
Q56. Nitrification refers to
Q57. One way of checking the expansion of the Thar desert would be
Q58. The ozone layer of the earth is useful for living beings because
Q59. A hydrophyte is
Q60. The functional unit in ecology community is
Q61. The best example of an ecological community is
Q62. Aquaculture is the
Q63. The earliest human who practised crude surgery, kept records, created some art, and conducted formal burial rites were
Q64. It is said that the spiders of the Himalayas are native to the highest territory-higher than any animal of earth. Spiders are carnivorous. Therefore they must thrive by
Q65. Taiga represents
Q66. In a very hot climate, one is likely to find
Q67. The two most prevalent ions in the marine habitat are
Q68. Snakes and vultures are eating rats in a field. If wild dogs are let into the field the immediate result will be a
Q69. Which of the following cells/structures are excretory in function? 1. Malpighian tubules, 2. Flame cells, 3. Amoeboid coelomocytes, 4. Chlorogogen cells
Q70. Radiocarbon dating is used to find the age of
Q71. When we compress a coil spring. the elastic potential energy
Q72. When white light passes through a dispersive medium what colours have maximum and minimum deviation?
Q73. When will an atom radiate energy?
Q74. When yellow or blue paint is illuminated by white light, the only colour they both reflect is
Q75. Wher.e does the nuclear power reactor situated in Tamil Nadu?
Q76. Where does a controlled chain reaction takes place?
Q77. Where does the centre of gravity die in a triangular body?
Q78. Where does the heat energy for geo-thermal energy resources come from?
Q79. Where is BARC situated?
Q80. Where negatively and positively charged ions free to move constitute current?
Q81. Where should an object be placed in front of a convex lens to get a real image of the object?
Q82. Where should the object be placed in simple microscope?
Q83. Where the weight of an object is at maximum?
Q84. Where to place the objects of small size in a simple microscope in order to get magnified image?
Q85. Where was the first nuclear reactor built in?
Q86. Where was the first nuclear reactor built?
Q87. Where will the image be formed by a concave mirror when an object is placed between the pole and the focus point of the mirror?
Q88. Which are used in telephone and radar?
Q89. Which barometer essentially consists of a thin metal box exhauster of air?
Q90. Which bean is one whose rays remains the same distance apart?
Q91. Soil erosion in India occurs in almost all the littoral states but it is most severe along the coast of......
Q92. Rhine river of Swiss Alps and Spree river of Germany confluence at ...
Q93. The Indian Standard Time.. determined according to the local time of which one of the following longitudes?
Q94. Where is the volcanic mountain Mount St.Helens located? (UPSC 2005)
Q95. The major causes for drought in India is/are - a} highly variable rainfall b} rain fall is spread over a few months only. C}Inadequate rainfall d} inadequate forest coverage results in rapid run off and thus droughts.
Q96. During the period of the South West monsoon, Tamilnadu remains dry because ........
Q97. Taylor Valley lies in ....
Q98. ASSERTION {A}: Rainfall is scanty on the east of Western Ghats. REASON {R}: The east of Western Ghats is on the lee side.
Q99. Why the Aravallis is not able to cause orographic precipitation in Rajasthan?
Q100. If the time of sunrise in Arunachal Pradesh is 6 AM what will be the probable time of sunrise in Saurashtra?
Q101. "Torah" is the sacred book of which of the following?
Q102. The Maha Kumbh Mela which is held once in 3 years is not held at which place below?
Q103. The year 1921, related to the population statistics of India, is known as the ''year of great divide ". Why? a)there was a decline in population b)Indians and Europeans were counted separately c)It was the first census after the Partition of Bengal d)the demographic date included literacy and sex ratio for the first time
Q104. Which of the following is not one of the four fundamental principle of Jainism?
Q105. The Kalapani Enclave is an issue with which country?
Q106. Which of the following statement is not true about Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve?
Q107. Which of the following unique feature is applicable to the Vedic Period?
Q108. Which is the first international airport constructed outside the ambit of the Government of India?
Q109. Which of the following is not a Vedic Tribal Assembly?
Q110. Who wrote the book "The Human Manifesto"?
Q111. India's PSLV - C2 placed the Kitsat 3 satellite of which country into orbit?
Q112. Where in the world do we find the planet's tallest redwood tree?
Q113. According to UNFPA which day was designated as the day of the birth of the 6 billionth child?
Q114. 11th July 1987 was observed as the World Population Day in commemoration of the birth of ...................... child.
Q115. The silvery insect normally seen in generally unused books are.......
Q116. Beef eating during the Vedic Period was .....
Q117. Who translated Bhagvad Gita in English for the first time?
Q118. Which one of the following sanctuaries vs states not correctly matched? a)Guindy - Maharashtra b)Dachingam - Assam c)Banbasa - Uttar Pradesh d) Sariska - Rajasthan
Q119. In which state, the fertilizer consumption is the highest in India?
Q120. In which state of India, the largest petro-chemical complex is situated?
Q121. India's first "Oceanarium" was set up in which state?
Q122. Among the following states which one was earlier known as the NEFA (North East Frontier Agency)?
Q123. Approximately how much percentage of world's population is shared by India?
Q124. Of the following countries, which country is known as "Play Ground of Europe"?
Q125. "Knesset" is the parliament of which country?
Q126. In which year India produced its first talkie film?
Q127. What was the first talkie film of India?
Q128. The first woman Prime Minister of a country belonged to......
Q129. "Colosseum" is a famous historical monument located in....
Q130. Mesopatamia is presently known as
Q131. New York is located on which river bank?
Q132. Where is the "Bibi-ka-maqbara" monument located?
Q133. Among the following missiles which one is a medium range multitarget surface to air missile?
Q134. Where is the Heavy Vehicles Factory located?
Q135. Read the Statement and the Argument carefully and give your answer : STATEMENT: Should the minimum appointment age of officers in government office be increased? ARGUMENT: i)yes, with the increase in age, people in these offices look old at the time of retirement. ii)No.It will add to the already existing problem of unemployment in our country.
Q136. QUESTION: Should the age of voting be raised to 21 years in India? ARGUMENTS:i)No. It is difficult to change any practice.ii)Yes, by that age people develop sense of responsibility and higher level of maturity.
Q137. L,M,N,O,P,Q,R and S are sitting around a circular table facing the centre but not necessarily in the same order. P sits third to the left of M. P is an immediate neighbour of both O and S. Only one person sits between O and Q. R is an immediate neighbour of O. Only one person sits between R and N. What is the position of L with respect to P in the above arrangement?
Q138. The following sentences are jumbled. 1.She eased out something from her waist folds. 2.Maganlal welcomed a customer early in the day. 3.Once visible, Maganlal realized it was a pair of gold bangles. 4.The woman carefully counted the money and then left. 5.He took the bangles and placed some money in the woman's palm. 6.This customer was a peasant woman wearing a discolouFF0000 sari and old anklets. After rearranging them in the proper order to make a meaningful paragraph,which one will be second sentence?
Q139. In the following statement some portions are highlighted and marked which are either misspelt or inappropriate in the context of the statement. Identify the same: "Worried(A) that he will fail in the exams, Satish stayed(B) up the whole knight(C) and studied(D). All correct (E)
Q140. Replace the highlighted grammatical mistake words with proper words: "e;Being deceived by his friend, the shopkeeper lost all hope"e;
Q141. Fill the blanks with proper words: "e;The latest technology .........put to use or about to arrive in market must be all entrepreneurs.
Q142. Fill in the blanks: They work hard not because of the ......but because of the inner urge.
Q143. I stayed (1)/ indoors after (2)/ I wrote (3)/ the letter (4) -- find the grammatical mistake
Q144. In the following sentence, an idiomatic expression or a proverb is highlighted. Select the alternative which best describes its use in the sentence: "e;The sales of the company are increasing by leaps and bounds."e;
Q145. Give the antonym for EXTRAVAGANCE
Q146. Fill in the blanks: It is ..........for everyone to abide by the laws of the land.
Q147. Fill in the blanks: It is a shame that many people in the world have to live ..........basic necessities such as food and shelter.
Q148. An IP address normally contains four sets of numbers ranging from ...
Q149. Of the following statements, which one is/are considered as the advantages of an email?
Q150. The most frequently used instructions of a computer program are likely to be fetched from.........
Q152. Taking back up of a file against crash is a .....measure
Q153. Except for the ......function, a formula with a logical function shows the word 'TRUE"e; or "e;FALSE"e; as a result
Q154. Which of the following is responsible for all types of calculations
Q155. Pick the correct user workstation command/s
Q156. What command is used to add the error and its correction to the auto correct list?
Q157. What is incorrect about a software?



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